Proprietary Billing and Financial Exchange Software

CoreValue Proprietary Billing and Financial Exchange Software

CoreValue has successfully developed and deployed billing and financial exchange software solutions.

Our billing software enabled employees from multiple offices in different geographical locations to invoice fees, costs, etc. and reconcile received checks against invoices. It is an internet-based solution and can be accessed via an internet browser from anywhere around the globe.

Main features of our billing software:

  • Inbound and Outbound Transactions
  • Integrated G/L
  • Consolidated Reporting
  • Monthly Reconciliations
  • Integration with AccPac from Sage

The billing module of the system was used for handling invoices and line items (processing funds paid to vendors, timekeepers, etc. and making invoices to be sent to clients). The users had the ability to create and modify invoices and line items in a number of ways, make researches, request checks from AccPac ERP for line items.

The cash application module of billing system was used for handling the funds that come from clients as payments for the invoices. Users could create and edit deposits and checks; make checks reconciliation against one or several invoices.

Users could generate various reports on invoices, transactions, cash receipts etc.

Administrators had the authority to restrain the access to the system (or to certain offices) for the time of month summarization.

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