Making the most of the Salesforce and Demandware capabilities

The integration of Demandware and Salesforce is essential – for both your shoppers and staff.  It ensures enhanced customer experience; the possibility of managing customer data; the ability to understand customer behavior and react wisely.

These two cloud platforms also allow you to bring a variety of information regarding customer behavior, products, orders, etc., from Demandware to Salesforce, providing a holistic, 360-degree view of your customers. These behavioral patterns can help you define new ways to engage, increase revenue opportunities, and boost sales.

CoreValue has an established track record working with Demandware and Salesforce, including the implementation of high-quality omnichannel solutions in the rapidly growing e-commerce environments.

To illustrate the point, see what we implemented for a leading retailer of medical devices. By leveraging Demandware and Salesforce integration, we provided transparency for all online shoppers’ activities in a centralized location, Salesforce CRM.

With our certified Salesforce expertise and in-depth knowledge of Demandware, we can help you empower your e-commerce business by making the most of the platforms’ capabilities.

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