Electronic Discovery and Litigation Support

Challenge: Increase stability and output of the eDiscovery Platform while maintaining high degree of quality and accuracy.

Critical Issues: Technology and know-how of enterprise level systems.

Vision: CoreValue Services was hired to develop eDiscovery 3.0 platform to automate the extraction and presentation of critical discovery information from sources like Word documents, emails and spreadsheets. Output data was to be managed and extracted using variety of filters and definitions.

Capabilities: A team fused with client’s subject matter experts, and solution and business process design experience and expertise discovered, designed, developed, and deployed the first generation of the eDiscovery platform.

Results: Significant reductions in cycle time and human effort along with enhanced accuracy that minimizes manual re-work of eDiscovery Projects and enhances customer satisfaction. CoreValue Services is enhancing the tool to manage additional features like foreign language and other sources of information.

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